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Butterfly World

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Children can experience nature up close with the Live Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore. This educational kit allows children to observe butterflies through their life cycle and then release them into the wild! The butterfly garden comes with a coupon to send away for five caterpillars which are hatched from eggs in a butterfly nursery and posted to your home in a special clear container, complete with caterpillar food. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly normally takes two to three weeks and Insect Lore guarantees that at least three of the five caterpillars you receive will grow into adult butterflies.


The Butterfly Garden comes with a pop-up butterfly observation habitat, which is a cylindrical mesh container measuring 12 inches tall. Once the caterpillars become chrysalides, they can be transferred to the habitat, where they will complete their transformation into adult Painted Lady butterflies.


What's in the Box:


Mesh butterfly habitat and feeding dropped

Activity guide with complete instructions

Mail-in coupon for five caterpillars with food


Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.


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